Accredited Work Placement Company

Posted on Jan 23, 2018 in Topics

The Dutch Act on Adult and Vocational Education obliges VET-students (vocational educational training) to pursue the practical component of their education with an accreditation work placement company. This is referred to as work placement. The Works Events BV thinks this is a great opportunity to encourage and train young professionals and therefore applied for accreditation. The application is approved from now on The Works is an Accredited Work Placement Company.

The first students who will be joining us in a few months for a period of 20 weeks are in the 2nd or 3rd year of the course Event Organisation of the Arcus College. Students will be accompanied by our workplace trainer who will maintain contact with the work placement coordinator (the student’s supervisor at the school) and the SBB’s work placement advisor, who will provide the students with support and advice. The students will be in a learning environment in which they experience as many practical situations as possible that they will come across in the occupation for which they are being trained.

We are looking forward to welcoming these young professionals in our team.

For more information about workplace please refer to the website of SBB: