Lecot-Raedschelders On Tour

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 in Gallery Summary, Topics

After an intensive cooperation for more than 10 years during the biennial Belgian trade show Innovak in Hasselt, The Works and the organizers, decided to develop an entirely new concept for this exhibition.

Every event, however successful, needs some renewal and fresh-up after a certain period. Hence it was decided to change it into an annual and a traveling event.
This month was the kick-off in Namur with the comprehensive new title:
“Lecot-Raedschelders On Tour”.
Both the public and the participants experienced the change as extremely pleasant and the compliments were many and heart-warming.
One of these comments was: “With this exhibition format and you, as an organizer are approaching perfection”.
A real pleasure and reward for The Works to be part of this major change.

Off we go to Kortrijk in 2014! We look forward to it!