The Works Events B.V. is an event management company and stand contractor. We selected Beek Lb in the Netherlands as our place of business. It is located 5 minutes from the Belgian border and 15 minutes from the German border. Therefor a very central operating base in Europe.

We are specialized in taking care of all your event and exhibition requests and if needed, also your project and event management. Our objective is to enlighten the work of an organiser, so their focus can be on marketing and sales and make the event a success.

Our aim is that the organiser can lie in his easy chair, calmly observing everything that is going on and says; I guess I picked the right contractor!

Our team has 30 years of experience with events in Europe. Events travel to other countries each year, and we travel with them! Spain, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom are just some of the places we operate very often.

We appreciate our clients and relationships. This expresses in the long-term cooperations we have built through the years. Are you interested in building a long-term cooperation with us and interested in more detailed information about the services we can provide?

Please see below what we can do for you!!

The Works Events BV is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and listed under number 14067354. VAT number: NL8131.08.755.B01