Custom Built Stands

The possibilities of custom build stands are almost endless. Such stands enable you to show the appearance and image of your company in your exhibition presentation, recognisable to all.

The realisation of a custom build stand is quite a challenge. We are happy to assist you with our experience and creativity. Apart from designing the stand, we can also take care of the actual realisation of the stand and arrange all additional requirements. This enables you to focus fully on your product presentation, your invitations and your public relations.

We will allocate a project manager solely for your event, and after you have discussed your wishes and requirements, our designers will help you transform your visions and ideas into a design and presentation.

Next our project manager will discuss your plans with the controllers of the carpentry and painting workshops and the graphics design studio. This is how we control and co-ordinate the entire process from the first idea to the production in our workshops. The transportation to the exhibition venue, to the build up, and finally breakdown at the end of the event.

With just one phone call to The Works you optimise the realisation of your custom made stand, fully aligned to your wishes and company profile.