World Hydrogen Congress 2021

Posted on Oct 18, 2021 in Gallery Summary

WORLD HYDROGEN CONGRESS 2021, 4 – 6 October 2021, Passenger Terminal AmsterdamCovid, you will not beat us, for together we stand strong. This was clearly demonstrated at the PTA when the World Hydrogen Congress opened its doors to large crowds of attendees, who were greeted by enthusiastic exhibitors, eager to do some face-to-face business again and to meet up with “old” associates and friends. What seemed like such a long time ago, suddenly felt like only yesterday. This...

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Fructura Expo 2021

Posted on Oct 13, 2021 in Online Manuals

We would like to welcome exhibitors of the Fructura Expo 2021, which will take place November 26 – 28, 2021 in the TRIXXO Arena in Hasselt, Belgium to this website.  To make preparation for your participation easier, we created an online manual, which can be accessed by clicking this link, or the logo below. This secured section of our website includes order forms for services such as; mains power supplies, rental stand equipment and graphics. If...

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EATS 2021

Posted on Sep 24, 2021 in Online Manuals

The European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) will take place on October 2-3 November 2021 at the Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany. Exhibitors of this event are welcome to access the online manual by following this link or clicking the logo below. In this manual, you will find all relevant information and order forms for services such as stand packages, mains power supplies, rental furniture, and various other stand services. Our friendly and professional project team have...

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UDT 2021

Posted on Sep 7, 2021 in Online Manuals

UDT 2021 will take place in Rostock, Germany from 15 – 17 December 2021, and we are looking forward to welcoming all exhibitors to Rostock! We prepared an online order form package which you can access through the eZone. You can use the login details for that eZone to enter our part of the secured manual section. You will find the order forms are easy to read and complete. Our UDT project team is standing by and happy to assist you if you have additional questions or...

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GSOF Symposium 2021

Posted on Jul 30, 2021 in Online Manuals

Global SOF Symposium Europe will be held 26-28 October in Warsaw, Poland. Exhibitors of this event can access the online manual with order forms for services such as mains power supplies, rental furniture and so forth through the Ezone. The event organiser has provided the user name and password required to access the secured Exhibitor Zone. Our project team is happy to assist you with any questions or special requests you may have during your preparations for the GSOF...

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